Stock Picks from July 26th Meetup

Here is all the stock picks from our meeting. Feel free to comment and ask any questions!

From Katarina:

BlackPearl Resources (PXX)
Lucara Diamond Corp (LUC)
Texas Pacific Land Trust (TPL)

From Chris:

3 stocks as long term hold:
i) Visa (V)- zero LTerm Debt, steady profit margin, consistent growth of dividend of at least 20% of past 5 straight years; great business model, basically shares an oligopoly with MasterCARD

ii) Computer Modelling Group, (CMG) -attached to oil and gas; like their business model of software licensing with min. overhead; annual profit margin steady around 35% for 5+ consecutive years, zero LTerm Debt (unlike Microsoft with 20 Billion LTerm debt on their balance sheet, stock has gone up 235% in 5 years (price growth every year)

iii) Claymore Financial Monthly Dividend Income ETF, (FIE) – etf with 6.5% div yield, paid monthly, consistently stock price range; underlying holdings include the top 5 banks in Canada like cibc, td, bmo;

From Daniel:

National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ). Daniel bought FIZZ shares around $18. Daniel see’s that the technicals show an upside trend. The stock could go back to $21 per share.

ACE limited (ACE). Daniel bought more shares below $103.40. Daniel is long and very bullish on the stock. He sees the company hitting $200 in the long term. The company has great fundamentals, load of cash and is still undervalued.

Bancorp Inc (TBBK). Daniel is watching this stock like a hawk! The stock fell 30% on June 10th. They fell because the company violated the Bank Secrecy Act. Daniel is doing more research on this company. He is not going to buy until he has done his due diligence. Also, Daniel is hoping to buy this stock once it falls below $10. Once bought, Daniel is hoping to make 30-40% from this company.

From Ken

Wells Fargo (WFC)

Surge Energy (SGY)


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