Let’s Talk Stocks – November 29, 2014

In this meetup we discussed the following stocks:

ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE):

Summary: ACE has shown strong revenue growth, strong stock price performance, solid financial position with low debts, and attrative valuation level with growth in EPS. Downside is they have low profit margins and ROE.

Canadian National Railway Company (TSE:CNR):

Summary: The company is overvalued in terms of price, however, the stock has strong profit margin and ROE. Railway industry may also be favourable in the future as trains will be used to ship oil and lumber as housing improves.

Encana Corporation (TSE:ECA):

Summary: The stock has been beaten up, it has an attractive price, and is a good watch as oil could rise in the future.

Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM):

Summary: The stock is fairly undervalued, it has shown strong price performance and has an attractive dividend.

Foot Locker (NYSE: FL):

Summary: The company has a strong ROE, low debt to equity ratio. The stock is up 40% and has a yield of 1.6%. Cash per share has also doubled, and ROA is at an attractive 13.65%.

The information below are votes on the stocks we have discussed in the meetup. The percentages show how many people would invest in the company.

ECA: 84% said yes they would invest.

XOM: 67% said yes they would invest.

ACE: 100% said yes they would invest.

CNR: 50% said yes they would invest.

FL: 34% said yes they would invest.

If you would like more information on the stocks, please send Daniel a message and he will direct you to the right person.

Before the next meetup, please fill up this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K6TWL9M

I hope to see everyone in January! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



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